Plain English Guidestm
Credit For Small Business
Topics include:
-  Identify the TYPE of funding that you
-  How to get SEPARATE credit for
your business
-  WHAT funders/lenders look for
-  HOW you can better prepare by
knowing what funders & lenders seek
-  Terms & Conditions
-  Examples of funding requests
-  How to limit personal guarantees
-  Steps to Quickly build your Business
Credit Profile (credit report for
business) for FREE
-  How to get personal credit if you are
self employed or own a business

The Plain English Guide also includes
sample forms and documents.

Only 3% of all business funding
requests get approved!  Over 60% of
business loan applications are rejected
for one reason.  Only 1 in 10,000
requests for venture capital get funded.

Large companies have Chief Financial
Officers (CFOs) to negotiate through
the process but what are small
companies to do?

tips, techniques and secrets to help
small businesses vastly improve their
chances of getting funds to expand.


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